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This Spring, my fiance and I made the decision to challenge ourselves by altering our wedding budget. We agreed that if we could cut our wedding expenses nearly in half, our reward to ourselves would be a dreamy honeymoon in Scotland! Since then, I’ve had fun looking for ways we could save money and the best way to save is to DO IT YOURSELF! One DIY project that I am incredibly proud of are my flowers. Take a look at my bridal bouquet.DSC_0170

base of bouquetThe bouquet is very much my taste and epitomizes everything I want my wedding to be: simple, elegant, and classic. Ivory roses wrapped in satin ribbon with a touch of pearls. The bouquet is clean, delicate…..and FAKE! That’s right – I am using silk flowers for our wedding! *cue wrinkled noses and shocked gasps* Before you pass judgement, let me tell you that I am very happy with my decision and I’ll explain why. But first, take a look at how incredibly lifelike they are!

You can’t feel them but trust me – they feel real too! In fact, unless closely inspected, most people would never notice that they aren’t real roses. Here are some of the reasons why I am confident I made the right decision:

  1. Silk flowers, when done right, cost a fraction of the price of real flowers. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby and kept an eye on the sales so that I was able to purchase all my flowers and materials at 50% off! That’s a couple extra nights at a hotel in Scotland.
  2. A lot of brides try to save money by doing their own flowers but still use real ones. I chose not to because real flowers have a short lifespan and the arrangements can usually be made no sooner than one day prior. Who wants to be up late on the eve of their wedding, frantically putting together corsages?? Not this girl. My flowers will have been done months in advance so I’ll be stress free! Instead of working hard the night before, I can get a good sleep.
  3. I can keep my bouquet. After all that hard work and/or money, I won’t have a bunch of dried, dead flowers to try to preserve – I’ll have a perfectly intact bouquet! I made a second, simpler bouquet to toss at the reception so that I can keep the actual one in the cedar trunk that holds all my most precious mementos.

I didn’t just stop at the bouquets – I did the corsages and boutonnieres as well. Here are the materials you need to make your own DIY bouquets and boutonnieres:

It’s amazing what can be accomplished using a little hot glue and a lot of creativity! For the bouquets, I purchased long-stemmed silks but for the boutonnieres and corsages I bought rose buds at only $0.99 a piece. Here is a look at a finished boutonniere:photo(2) The best part about doing my own flowers? It’s so much fun! Remember to think outside the box and be creative when it comes to DIY projects and you’ll find they are all the more special because of it!attached signature

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