Sand Castle Memories

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They say it is important to stay in touch with your inner child. I firmly agree with this ideal, and in fact, not only have my inner child and I stayed in touch, but we spend a considerable amount of time together each day. I’ll place that blame, or should I say credit, on my mother, who always encouraged my siblings and I to use our imaginations as much as possible. I’m a dreamer, a fantasizer, and a creator. But I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

While traveling and working on ships, I connected with many people from around the world who, while seemingly so different from this American farm-girl, could not have been more of a reflection of my true self. I recognized within them a kindred, childlike exhilaration for life.

One thing about creative people – they’re never really concerned about acting their age. That’s why, one humid summer day while docked in the Bahamas, some of my musician friends and I decided to play in the sand.285104_513520075232_5727437_nI’ve built plenty of dirt houses and mud-pies in my day, but having never seen the ocean or a proper beach until I was in my 20s, this was my first time building an actual sand castle. The powdery-white sand at Half Moon Cay was a big contrast to the dark, rich soil on our farm, and I enjoyed the way it slipped like velvet through my fingers.281643_513519935512_4416516_nLater, the rising tide would wash away our day’s work, erasing all evidence of our creation. But nothing will wash away the memories.attached signature

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