Hi, I’m Beth Lu, or “Lulu”. 

I have a difficult time describing myself as one particular thing. So instead, I’ll tell you about some of the things I am passionate about.  I’m involved in rescuing, protecting, and respecting animals. I love animals of all kinds and enjoy being a volunteer at my local animal shelter. I will absolutely judge you based on how you treat animals. Just be kind, yo!

I am passionate about traveling and experiencing new things, the power of positivity and visualization, and recognition and equality for women. That’s right, you can fittingly call me by the “f” word. I am a feminist.

I like to laugh, a lot. I am capable of taking life seriously, but it’s so much more fun to look for the humor in every day situations! I’ve always been a bit of a clown, despite being a textbook introvert.

Right now I work in Adult Education and I also do freelance Graphic Design & Photography. I sing, though my audiences are a tad smaller since I “retired” from an exciting career as a cruise ship singer. It’s been a few years, but I’m still adjusting to life on dry land. Sounds crazy, but after traveling the world and experiencing a dreamlike life at sea, it sometimes feels like I’ll never fully fit in with the other landlings. I am currently living near the geographical center of North America – which means you literally cannot get farther from the ocean than where I am now!

Despite my occasional longing for the open seas, I have so much to be thankful for in my life, and I know the future only holds more excitement and adventure! I have a husband named Charlie and a very spoiled fur-baby named Gilly.

I aspire to always dream bigger, never stop traveling, and to continue to pursue “having it all”.

This is the story of the next chapter of my life. I am Lulu, landlocked.