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Wonder Woman Turns 27!

Who says superhero-themed birthday parties are for kids? Ashley and I hold the self-appointed titles of official “Party Planners” and are always happy for an opportunity to get together and let our creative juices flow. When we realized our good friend Isaura’s birthday was coming up, we knew just what kind of birthday surprise the Wonder Woman enthusiast needed! Most of the credit goes to Ashley, who really took the reigns on this one due to my packed work schedule. Believe it or not, the cityscape backdrop was created by Ashley and her husband using AutoCAD and foam core board!

The cake was yummy and best of all, the birthday girl seemed to enjoy herself! She’s kind of a Wonder Woman herself sometimes – wife, mother, salsa-making extraordinaire (seriously, her salsa is the bomb!) so she deserves a day to be celebrated. After all, it’s not every day you turn 27!attached signature

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Surprising Dad

Last weekend, my sisters and I organized a surprise 60th birthday party for our father! We had a dinner, a DJ, performed a good-natured roast, and I even played “Happy Birthday” on the accordion (Dad’s favorite instrument)! Having invited close to 2oo friends, family, and neighbors, we thought for sure someone would spill the secret. While there were several near-misses, we managed to successfully surprise him and had a great night! DSC_0318In the last month, he told us repeatedly that he did NOT want a birthday party – but what better way to let someone know how special they are to you than by throwing a party in their honor? In the end, he admitted he had a great time, and was touched that so many people traveled a great way just to celebrate with him! My sisters and I made almost 200 cupcakes and I had fun designing special invitations for his guests.BethHurtInvite1

The party wasn’t the only surprise, however. My oldest sister, Mary, flew our youngest sister, Joy, and her husband and babies up from Texas to surprise Dad! We even “wrapped” them in a giant oven box! The morning of his birthday, Joy called Dad to wish him a good one and he asked “When are you going to find your way back up to North Dakota again?” She played along, telling him about the weather in Texas and how much she wished she could be there, when all the while she was just a few miles away, hiding out until the party! His sister Eva also made a surprise visit from California, and Dad was very happy to see her as well.

It was a wonderful celebration for a wonderful person and well-worth our efforts! Take a look at the special birthday video I made him – we were able to round up a lot of fantastic pictures and home-movie clips of the trusty cowboy we call “Dad!”

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