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Me Want Honeycomb!

I remember being very small, perhaps four or five, and watching an episode of Sesame Street that showed a beekeeper demonstrating where honey comes from. Near the end of the segment, the beekeeper and his children pulled out big chunks of honeycomb and began eating them straight from the comb. I still remember the way my mouth watered, wondering what it must taste like and being certain that it was delicious.

Fast forward about twenty years to a local Farmer’s Market ad on Facebook: “Homegrown Wildflower Honey in the Halfcomb.” Naturally, I pounced on the chance to fulfill a childhood craving.honeycombUpon opening the box, an overwhelmingly pleasant smell is released. Think beeswax blended with a faint, flowery aroma. I love the smell of beeswax candles – it is an intoxicatingly pleasant, natural scent. The comb is made of soft wax, and while it is a texture that not everybody cares for, it’s all natural, and entirely edible. Personally, I enjoyed the way the honeycomb melted in my mouth in a mixture of silky-sweet nectar. Honey in this form can be eaten any way you like. I personally enjoy it with either tea or simply hot water and lemon, but it can be spread on bread or scones, or quickly melted to become entirely liquid. One thing is for certain – my five-year-old self was right – honeycomb is nothing less than delightful!honeycomb2teaattached signature

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